Formula DURAMAXX Premium Motor Oils

Motor Oil

Formula DURAMAXX Premium Motor Oils are manufactured using selected blends of High-quality base oils and Additives to provide protection against oxidants and corrosion in engine parts and coupled with a Premium viscosity modifier to assure easy starts in cold temperatures and protect against oil thinning at higher temperature. API service SF/SG.

SAE 30 Part#: DMP30-1Q
SAE 40 Part#: DMP40-1Q
SAE 50 Part#: DMP50-1Q
SAE 10W-30 Part#: DMP1030-1Q
SAE 10W-40 Part#: DMP1040-1Q
SAE 20W-50 Part#: DMP2050-1Q
ATF Type A  Part#: DMPATF-A1Q