Diesel Heavy Duty Antifreeze 50/50

DIESEL GUARD Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant meet and/or exceed ASTM D33O6 and D4985 for corrosion protection for cars and light duty trucks, while providing reliable freeze-up and boil-over protection. Requires addition of DIESEL GUARD extender (DG-XTR) at 300,000 miles or 6,000 hours for added protection.

Part# AFC0301 (1 GAL)

Diesel Heavy Duty Antifreeze 100% Full Strength

DIESEL GUARD Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant is Formulated using a premium virgin (not-recuperated) Ethylene Glycol base and Nitrated Organic Acid Technology (NOAD inhibitors that are compatible with all NOAT Extended Life Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant for use in Heavy Duty diesel commercial vehicle engine or stationary engine. Our innovative concentrated formulation is a blend of premium long-lasting inhibitors designed to provide up to 600,000 miles/12,OOO hours of protection against temperature extremes, rust, corrosion, scale and premature water pump failure.

Part# AFC0201 (1 GAL)